Pablo Picasso

Face of peace makes me very happy

Danielle Scutt Spring 2012 




Im such an overthinker that today i was sitting next to a boy that i like (not like like, just like) and he took a photo of me and him on snapchat and he put it on his ‘story’ and i was really excited about it and wanted to have that photo on my ipod but didnt want the “screenshot” to show on his phone so i took my moms ipad and took a photo with it while i clicked his name on my ipod so our photo could appear and then sent it via airdrop to my ipod and then deleted it on the ipad

I just finished watching The swan lake and I have some mixed feelings and feel so f weird and its 2:30 am
Dont know what to do about it


Slow warm mornings in this liquid purifies my mind mentally & physically jayalvarrez


dark pale <3


when u like the boy but ur friend is prettier so he likes her

(via trust)


boner in the Dior Homme SS ‘06 glitter jeans

Hahahahagahagahagahaha i cant believe a boner has so many notes